Om Music: An Introduction

“Om Music”, Bhaktapur is registered company under the Department of commerce, Government of Nepal and established on 30th August 1999, is the first CD album production unit of Bhaktapur with the motto of production and extension of typical Nepali music all over the world. We would like to assure that each album produced by “Om Music” will be a unique one with a real taste of music from any other Nepali albums available in the market.

Our Main Objectives

To produce story-based album of own concept of unique taste totally alien from the album available in the market with noble combination of subject, design, track and music. One may realize that these four factors are totally inter-related to each other in each and every album of our products which is not common in the most of the albums available in the market.

To support creativity and talents of the people and to discourage remix, parody and business-based mentality of the people.

To promote century-old Nepalese cultural and traditional music all over the world by producing albums or by stage programmed on demand.